1. Journalism and Internet platforms:

  • Using the capabilities of Internet platforms (Google, Yandex, social networks, etc.) in the work of editors and journalists.
  • Dissemination of journalistic content in the Internet space.
  • Tools and techniques of online journalism.
  • "New urban media" ("The Village", etc.) and the features of their development in the Internet environment.
  • New projects in the field of online journalism and their specifics.
  • Development of bot-journalism in the industry: automation of routine tasks.
  • "Augmented reality" in journalism: the current state of technology and development prospects.

2. Online journalism under the pressure of technology:

  • Fake news and post-truth effects in the aspect of the technological capabilities of modern communication.
  • Clickbate, sponsored content, theft of content and other negative phenomena in the field of creating unique texts in the online environment.
  • The speed of publication as a challenge: the problem of verification and factchecking; factchecking as the commercialization of fear of being deceived and the risks of developing factchecking resources.
  • Amateur journalism: deprofessionalization in the field of creating news and analytical content as a challenge to the industry.
  • Automation, robotization, artificial intelligence, search engines: "imposed rationality" of communication and societal risks of "robotic journalism".